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About Us

Modern IT consultants for non-profit, business and govt agencies.

We consult on IT strategy and cloud adoption to the New Zealand Government, non-profits and New Zealand's bustling private industry.

We work with you to transform delivery, reduce costs and get the best out of your services. We're savvy, we know what to pay and how to negotiate.

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Our Values

The core values that drive everything we do

Move fast and innovate

Taking inspiration from a key principle to move fast and break things encourages us to try new things without breaking what people rely on.

People come first, every time

This key principle encourages collaboration, strong communication, and mutual respect between all parties involved in a project - a respect that we value highly.

We lead the curve

Our creative team leads the way with the latest modern technology solutions. New tech is always improving and providing opportunities to save costs and improve our lives.

We stand together

Our services are provided by people who work as a team and stand by each other. We encourage and promote excellence and when things aren't up to scratch - we improve it together.
Our People

Meet our experts

Amy Fowler
Scrum Master & Project Manager
Ben Curtis
Client Director
David Brabant
Dmitrii Bludov
Lead Software & Cloud Engineer
Harry Collard
Software & Cloud Engineer
Jackson Rakena
Software & Cloud Engineer
James Pettitt
Products & Services Manager
Justin Patterson
Cloud Systems Engineer
Lein Ton
Cloud Consultant
Lindsay Cowley
Financial Administrator
Lipin Paul
Cloud Engineer & Procurement Manager
Nigel Burt
Senior Systems Engineer
Richard Philp
Senior Cloud Engineer
Thomas Gough
Cloud Systems Engineer
Zeel Patel
Customer Support Engineer


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