Managed Desktop Support

"Moving to GoCloud's Microsoft Intune endpoint service enhanced security and management for our internal desktop support team."

Phillip Gestro - ICT Manager, CentrePort Wellington

Managed Desktop Support

Protect your sensitive business information from physical and digital threats with GoCloud's cloud-based Endpoint Management service, tried and tested by New Zealand organisations, non-profits, and healthcare providers of any size.

We provide a wrap-around service where a trained and qualified member of our Client Security team will actively monitor your organisation's network - including every device that has access to company information - for physical or digital threats.

If a device is lost, stolen, or infected with malware, with one click a member of our team (or a staff member of your organisation) can remotely wipe and/or disable that device - rendering it useless and erasing sensitive company information off of it. This help keeps your intellectual property, private business & financial reports, and trade secrets private.

How it works.

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How it works.

Endpoint Protection
Next-generation protection: The latest Anti-virus and Anti-malware protection with Microsoft Defender centralised management and comprehensive security reports.
Detection & Response
GoCloud implements the latest in cloud-based cybersecurity tooling from Microsoft to proactively detect and respond to threats and alerts immediately.
Managed Support
GoCloud's expert IT support team provide decades of combined experience in Microsoft services and device management to ensure your systems and users are supported.

Our Secure Endpoint IT Support Services

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Flexible Security

Our solutions provide flexible approaches to device management, so we can meet you were you are in your cloud journey. We can avoid disruption to existing processes - applying key security tenets without forcing onerous change onto your staff members or customers.

For example, we can alert you automatically if content is copied from a company Word document to another location - or private company spreadsheets are downloaded and copied off the network. These proactive notifications can help you catch rogue employees and provide evidence should you have to seek disciplinary actions.

We'll manage all of your organisation's devices so you can get back to doing what you do best - achieving your core business goals.

Endpoint Detection and Response


Our managed Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) service provides peace of mind by protecting against sophisticated threats that can target any endpoint connected to your Microsoft 365 Services. EDR technology allows GoCloud to monitor devices and respond to threats before they become a problem.




As a remote-centric Managed Service Provider (MSP) focused, we’re experts at servicing clients remotely. Our endpoint security software combines features including threat intelligence and patch management to provide the advanced endpoint protection that the modern hybrid workplace demands.

Not only does remote endpoint protection management save you money by slashing time spent by your staff administration but, more importantly, it keeps your endpoints up to date no matter where they are.




Our hosted endpoint management and security is based on Microsoft’s Advanced Threat Protection services through Microsoft Defender. These services are bolstered by our expert service desk support; helping to secure endpoints, boost business agility, and facilitate simpler remote management and data security compliance.



Don’t confuse endpoint security with anti-virus; there’s so much more to it than that and the benefits extend far beyond just business security.

Every endpoint that connects to your corporate network poses its own cybersecurity threat to your organisation, presenting a route in for cybercriminals. Protecting sensitive company data from sophisticated threats in away that traditional antivirus solutions simply can’t.

This is where the advanced security features of managed endpoint protection come in to play.





The advanced Defender security software detects, filters and quarantines (or blocks access to) suspicious items. Combined with email anti-phishing you can protect your Organisation against the most common forms of cyber attack.



Installing OS security patches quickly and effectively it vital to maintaining endpoint security and protecting against zero-day cyber attacks. Our patch management solution acquires, tests and remotely installs operating system security patches on endpoints.



Highly configurable rules help block incoming cyber threats and malicious installations. Our solution includes endpoint firewalls that can be controlled globally. Additionally, endpoint web content filtering and USB blocking can be applied to allow for greater user agility while mitigating the threat to your business.



Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) adds an additional layer of user verification, protecting against password attacks. Endpoint encryption protects files and other data, minimising likelihood of unauthorised access and loss of sensitive business data.



Our proactive endpoint monitoring software aims to identify and prevent endpoint cybersecurity attacks in real-time. Comprehensive reporting provides timely information on the status of device health, security and compliance; allowing for full transparency. Having this knowledge at your fingertips simplifies decision making, device budgeting, and auditing.



Our managed endpoint security service includes remote support from our fully-certified engineers. The endpoint security software allows our engineers to rapidly access all aspects of your devices, even allowing for behind the scenes troubleshooting so that users can continue their work uninterrupted.


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