Strategy Reviews

GoCloud's IT strategy experts give a clear vision for how to utilise modern technology, and provide the tools and resources to put it together.

Notable clients include Ministry of Justice and He Whanau Manaaki Kindergartens.

Strategy Reviews

Information technology is constantly evolving. Are you keeping up?

GoCloud's Strategy Review and Audit (SRA) programme has historically identified 30% cost savings (in certain instances), while continuing to support sustainable revenue growth, increasing productivity, and improving experiences for users and customers.

GoCloud has the IT strategy, knowledge, experience, and can-do attitudes that you need to get ahead and stay ahead of the competition. Give us a call today.

What We Deliver

Effective Cost-Savings

Our team aren't afraid to tackle big, legacy issues that are draining resources and money from your bottom line.

Decades of Experience

Our diverse team of IT experts boast combined decades of experience in information technology, working with companies from all parts of New Zealand, and overseas.

Adaptable Team

Every company in New Zealand is different, and our diverse team are easily adaptable to different IT environments, needs, and requirements.

What We Deliver

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How it works.

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What do I get?

Your own consultant

One of our expert consultants with 15+ years' experience will work with you to audit your entire IT set up environment.

They'll work for you and with your suppliers to get the best services possible.

The report

At the conclusion of the strategy review & audit, you'll receive a signed report that provides information on how your IT environment supports your organisation today.

This report highlights any duplication in services and opportunities to reduce IT cost, increase stability and better your business services.

The report can be used to prioritise projects, decision making and expenditure. It also includes a prioritised list of recommendations, insights and actions to get your services back on track.

It's also an invaluable base of information to plan and implement long term IT and infrastructure changes. ​

Next steps

As part of the audit report, we'll recommend you services, products, tips, and other pieces of advice to accelerate your IT strategy. This could involve one of GoCloud's other services - such as Endpoint Management or Data Processing & Insights, or something else altogether.

How does it work?

The first meeting

We meet (this can be in Wellington, or virtually) and discuss your concerns, as we want to understand your goals and expectations. This is also a good opportunity for you to ask any questions about GoCloud​ or the expected outcomes and decide if the audit is right for you.

The quote

Based on the size and complexity of your organisation we then prepare a quote.

Once accepted, we organise a kick-off meeting and discuss what we need access to for the discovery phase. We identify the key stakeholders and the timeframe (usually about a month)​.

The result

We work through our structured discovery phase, interview, observe and document our findings and recommendations​.

We'll walk through the findings and recommendations, highlighting any concerns.​

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